Our vision is to grow the global market for the world’s most sustainable fuels and help achieve a carbon neutral transport sector. The intention is to increase ambition as the market and technologies develop over time. Join below50 in its ambitious journey to decarbonise the liquid fuel supply chain.


below50 is a global collaboration that brings together the entire value-chain for sustainable fuels – that is, fuels that produce at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels. below50 is creating global campaign for local action, taking a global strategy and implementing solutions at a local level.

below50 aims to  create demand for these fuels and scale up their deployment by:

  • Increasing the number of companies choosing below50 fuels
  • Creating inter-sectoral B2B opportunities across supply chains
  • Demonstrating that below50 fuels makes good economic, social and environmental sense
  • Addressing legislative and financial barriers to sourcing below50 fuels


below50 aims to reframe the old perception of low carbon fuels, and help create the conditions for their successful development and commercialisation.

below50 is the global, unified voice for sustainable fuels. It exclusively promotes the world’s most sustainable fuels to producers, consumers, investors and policy makers through:

  • Leverage the critical mass of the group to drive global and regional policy engagement
  • Develop clear key messages for policy-makers
  • Join regional dialogues around the world, engaging with countries to establish long-term targets and supportive incentives and policy frameworks
  • Publish an annual report on progress, policy recommendations, pilot projects and best practices
  • Create cross-sectoral B2B opportunities in new & mature markets throughout the supply chain
  • Engage with government to promote public-private partnership and joint initiatives
  • Attend regional dialogues around the world, engaging with investors and financiers to map investment barriers and develop de-risking mechanisms
  • Create innovative B2B marketplaces to accelerate the supply-chain match-making and long term buy-in